Watch what you say

Watch what you say! importance of a language

What is the importance of a language to you?

All of our answers might vary and that is just fine. What if, for instance, we could never have to worry about changing our dialect just because someone could not understand us? What if we could speak on and on without the fear of leaving people out? The only downside to that, me thinks, would be there would be no gossip, well, at least not in speech.

The importance of a language cannot be overlooked. It has been with us from time immemorial. We have related with other using language, at one point it was probably body language, but that is not why we are here. There was a time when it actually brought about division of people, to now having bi-lingual and multilinguals within our communities.

We like to perceive ourselves to be at the top of that food-chain. The masters of language would read pretty nice on a business card.

Now that the times have changed and the world has opened up to itself, figure of speech of course. At Parklane Africa, we have a greater audience that we can reach or target for the greater good of our own vision and mission. It could be hosting exchange students, families or even work colleagues. Then, again that is not why we are here.

Why are we here?

We are here to focus on the fact that we take languages very seriously. That is why we went even a step further to become apparent market leaders in the language solution services field.


Remember days when preachers who did not speak the native dialect of the place they were evangelizing? How they would work with an interpreter who would try their level best to match the tone and delivery of the day’s word? We are a much better, superior and polished interpreter 2.0. Yeah, that is who we are. That is what we do for you.

We have made great strides in coming together to share and communicate and that is not a small achievement by any standards. Well, we have interpretation equipment for the ability to communicate with a gathering of foreigners, to the tune of over 1,000 delegates.

On top of that, we have translation services for documents and presentations, transcription and voice over services just in case you would like to go even one better. Yeas, it can get better, no holding back this time!

We will hold down the fort for you at your events. Yes, we’re not just working to improve ourselves; we are working to take your brand to the next level on an international platform.

We hope that by now, we are speaking your language, because we would like to hear from you.