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Translation Services

Translation Services

Parklane Africa provides translation and Interpretation services to and from English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Swahili, Somali, Dutch, among other languages. Our team of interpreters has a minimum of a University degree in languages and training in Translation and Interpretation. We work with the most advanced language technology in the world which ensures that our clients receive the highest quality translation services on time.

A major part of our work involves translating materials for the meetings and conventions where we are providing simultaneous interpretation services, such as continuing medical education, continuing legal education, meetings of financial managers, corporate training, etc.

Consequently, our major expertise is in technical, legal, medical, and financial translations.  We translate into most languages and specialize in high-quality, complex translation projects in several fields of specialization.

Our complete multipart translation approach to training packages ensures a high quality product that draws on the expertise of teams of financial, technical, and legal translators knowledgeable in the specific industry.

Naturally, we also translate contracts, technical manuals, financial reports, etc., for our clients, as well as international bids.

Download Parklane Africa’s guide to quality translation below.

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Parklane Africa is a Corporate Events Management Company whose personalized services give you exactly what you want – tailor made events that bring your guests closer to you and help create lasting relationships.