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Transcription and Voice Over Services

Transcription and Voice Over Services

Our expert team provides transcription and voice-over services in various fields such as business, legal, international development, medical, and insurance.

Transcription and voice-over are among the most delicate types of transcriptions. How can we guarantee this level of accuracy in a field not exactly accessible to everyone? The answer is that we work with transcribers that have experience with the terminology used in the medical industry.

Transcription and voice-over give you the chance to communicate with a worldwide audience. Human translation services can also help you expand your global reach in ways your company has never experienced before.

How We're Different

The modern technology we use is an innovation in the field of medical transcriptions and many other technical areas where time is a sensitive matter and every second counts. We are constantly improving our technology in order to make sure that our clients benefit from the newest developments in the world of digital dictation technology.

What We Bring New

  • Online-based transcriptions in 2 steps: upload the dictation and download the transcription.
  • The possibility to choose the instrument you are going to use for voice capture: handheld digital recorder or PDA
  • Flexibility and mobility for our clients
  • 100% accurate transcriptions provided by native speakers

Braille Transcription Process

Whether you need one-time braille transcription or regular braille communication, Parklane Africa is here to serve you. Here are some of the braille documents we produce:

  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Legal documents
  • Company policies
  • Fliers and Brochures

All services are performed with strict adherence to industry’s highest security standards and quality control procedures.

Braille Transcription

We perform all of our braille transcription, printing and embossing on location at Braille Works headquarters. This allows us to guarantee your document’s security and ensure all of our final products meet our standards of quality and accuracy.

  • We receive and review your document.
  • Our in-house, professional transcriptionist converts your document to Braille Ready Format (.brf).
  • We perform a Quality Assurance check to ensure your document is accurate.
  • The document is then produced in-house on of our high-speed braille embossers.
  • We package and ship your braille document to you.

Braille Printing and Binding Options

Paper: We use two types of braille paper. For documents over 32 braille pages, we use 8 ½ x 11 inch paper (92 bright 90 lb. tag) with a high gloss finish. This produces “High Def” dots and makes the braille much easier to read. These documents are bound with a plastic GBC comb or spiral binding and can include protective plastic covers when requested. If your document is less than 32 braille pages, we suggest the magazine fold format, which is embossed on super smooth 11 x 17 inch; 65 lb. white cover stock.

Binding: Several methods of binding are available. Your Braille Works rep will review the options with you to determine the best method of binding for your projects.

Proof reading

Looking for proof reading services?

We provide proof reading as a service on its own or combined with translation. An independent linguist verifies content, improves style and ensures clarity of text. You can order proof reading regardless of whether we have originally translated the document for you or not.

We bring you audio, video, legal, academic research, voice mail, media, business, and market research transcription services.


Parklane Africa provides voiceover artistes with significant experience in recording for television and radio including professional actors, broadcasters and narrators. We cover a broad range of languages, dialects and regional accents and can help you find the right voice from our extensive voiceover library.

  • We would like to offer you our extensive knowledge and experience and become your language services partner.
  • Parklane Africa is a professional translation and interpreting resource. As a Nairobi-based translation agency, we deliver specialized translation services to businesses and government agencies, as well as to individuals with personal documents to be translated. We also offer desktop publishing, conference interpreting, and on-site interpreting in multiple languages, as well as a telephone interpreting service which is offered in multiple languages.
  • Our highest priority is QUALITY, manifested through our 3-step quality assurance process which is backed by our written LTI warranty. Our project management and rapid project turn-around are generally provided without extra charge. All of our translators are native speakers of their target languages and have received advanced education and training in certain industry specializations.
  • Parklane Africa is a pioneer in the field of language services. Our clients are a testament to the first-rate services that we provide, as we help them communicate with their customers and expand their markets.