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Tour Guide System

Tour guide Groups or large conferences with multiple breakout sessions soon get bored and distracted when they can’t hear a presentation. Make sure your delegates can hear everything with our system. It saves your to voice, keeps the presentation private and from disturbing others, since only those with receivers & headsets can hear the tour. This Wireless system allows delegates to follow independently. All units have high quality digital audio.

1. guide System Definition The presenter/speaker(s) uses a mobile audio transmitter to ensure that the attendees/visitors (tour) are able to interpret the audio via a mobile receiver.
2. What is the purpose of the trip guide system?
The system is used to facilitate mobile tours as well as to reduce ground noise. It can also be used to present multilingual information at small events.
3. Guide System Components
A Tour Counselor System consists of a transportable Audio Transmitter with built-in microphone, a group of wireless receivers with headsets, and charging options.

4. Use of a navigation system
Indoor and outdoor events, conferences, and tours are all common uses for tour guide systems. The Trip Counselor Systems from Globibo are tiny and portable, making them extremely user-friendly.
5. Incorporation of a tour counselor system into tourism-related activities

Tourism was the number one industry in many nations before the Covid-19 epidemic, committed to promoting people to travel for pleasure or business. It had been the globe’s fastest growing industry within the world, which, hopefully, will devour once the world has recovered from the pandemic.

Factory Tour Guide System

The equipment is perfect for factory tours. The earpieces are ear hugging, so sound-proof muffs can easily fit on the outside over the top, for ear protection.