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Tips for running a successful Corporate Event

Are you looking for tips for running a successful corporate event? Keep reading as we summarize for you some of the most important ingredients to running a successful corporate event.

The indication of success in a corporate event is in the details. This applies to all types of corporate events ranging from a small business meet of 10 people to a large dinner event for hundreds of participants.

It is of utmost importance to hire a professional to make your life easier and guarantee success for your corporate event. Here are some tips that we believe will help you run a successful corporate event. 

  1. Define the objective for your event The aim of the event will determine very important planning details like: Venue. Time, Date, Guest Speakers, event theme and the deliverables for the event.Clarity on the objective will guide the rest of the event planning process and therefore, it is an essential first step towards executing a successful corporate event.
  2. Define your budget Outline all the costs that will be associated with the event to determine the amount of spend. Ensure that you account for every item and keep track of your expenditure. The most essential thing is that the event should address the main interests and motives of the participants.
  3. Schedule the event date and time Outline the best timing to hold your corporate event bearing in mind the convenience for your participants so that it doesn’t clash with similar events in the industry. For optimum attendance avoid dates that are lose to public holidays or vacation times.
  4. Venue Selection A suitable venue is a huge determinant of the success of your event. Select a venue that has the space that suits your event. Consider the program and the event theme when coming up with venue.  Will you require breakout rooms?, is the ample parking space?, What kind of food do they serve? Ambience? Accessibility? Internet? Service levels,? Does it have suitable equipment to suit your needs? Ensure that your venue of choice addresses all the event need optimally. Pay site visits to various suitable venues before settling for the one with the best offer suitable for your event and guests needs.
  5. Guests Speakers/ Event Personnel The content delivery will hugely determine the kind of guest speakers, entertainers and other event personnel that you will need to engage. Professionalism and impeccable execution will be very key to meeting the event objectives.
  6. Work with a professional team Parklane Africa delivers simple, insightful and innovative solutions through our well executed corporate events. We are a full-service event management company with a wealth of knowledge, experience and successful partnerships, our creative event management team will help solve your next corporate event challenge.We become your partner and offer you a complete service from strategic program design, to venue search, interpretation services, accommodation, social events, entertainment, transportation, budgeting, administrative management and so much more. Contact us on