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Technician Support

Our technician support service ensures technicians look after the interests of the interpreters to ensure that all their needs are met. An IT support technician’s job is to teach customers and consumers how to use and maintain their computers and other technologies. You may receive complaints regarding malfunctioning equipment and be required to diagnose the problem over the phone and, if possible, assist the customer in resolving the issue. Technicians must have a thorough understanding of the equipment they are supplying.

Applications Support Technician is an alternate class series to Applications Technician. Personnel can be employed into any level; however, employees hired into the entry level classification of Applications Technician can expect to be moved to the journey level classification of Applications Technician after a reasonable period of time.

This includes ensuring the equipment is set up to meet the individual interpreter’s personal preferences, locating the booths with line-of-site to the presenter and the visual presentation material, and ensuring that water and glasses are provided to the interpreters.

Prior to each event, our technicians will test the equipment with the Interpreters in situ, this will ensure that there is an end to end test of the equipment and sound system.