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Portable PA Microphone - Micker Pro

Portable PA Microphone is guides and celebrants speaking to a small gathering, it’s a very useful handheld microphone. You won’t need to shout or raise your voice to be heard by those in the back. With “Micker Pro,” you simply speak normally and the sound is evenly distributed throughout the room. Communicate with ease and without straining your throat.

Due to COVID -19 and the need for social distancing in gatherings, we have invested in a Portable PA system which is a great idea for conferences, meetings, schools, hospitals, and all forms of assemblies.

Ever wondered that you could carry a mike, a speaker, and also the amplifier in one hand. With the new concept all in Portable PA Microphone, it is possible. It is a microphone with a built-in speaker and amplifier. Most conveniently portable weighing just 300 gms. It is all in one portable sound system that operates with a battery and absolutely wire-free and matched with the best quality microphone. It a perfect for small gatherings indoor or outdoor, be it a classroom, small lecture room, yoga class, a small musical gathering, or a room in a kindergarten. Also very useful for a tour guide who is trying to explain the places around to the tourists.

The features include the following:

  • Built-in battery on the mic: You do not have to buy the battery separately anymore.
  • Speaker sound is much bigger: Dual speaker applied as 10W.
  • Charging cradle: Place the mic on the cradle charger and start recharging the battery.
  • 3 Levels volume control.
  • Echo function 5. Buzzer function.
  • Aux audio.

“Change the way you speak with this innovative and versatile tool” Contact us at info@parklaneafrica.com

Portable PA Microphone