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Simultaneous Interpretation Interpreters

Simply put, Simultaneous Interpretation permits expert interpreters from all over the world to provide high-quality interpretation for your event. It means you can instantly reach audiences all around the world by speaking to them in their own language.

For the full experience, integrate our Remote Simultaneous Interpretation service with any of your favorite platforms or host your event directly on our platform. Regardless of whatever option you select, our production team will collaborate closely with you to design the ideal Remote Simultaneous Interpretation solution, from scoping needs to monitoring and maintaining language streams. Check out our video.

For the uninitiated, this is a very quick description of simultaneous interpreting, and it does not attempt to cover everything. There are a plethora of books on the subject, each of which contains a wealth of additional material.

The interpreter’s active language is likewise put under additional strain in simultaneous since he is speaking while listening and analyzing. As a result, great mother-tongue or active language abilities are even more important here than in consecutive. Simultaneous communication increases the probability of ‘interference’ from the passive (heard) language to the active (said) language.

This helps to explain why trainee interpreters study consecutive interpreting first, as it teaches them the most important interpreting abilities. Simultaneous interpreting employs the same skills as simultaneous interpreting, but with a few more layers of complexity and difficulty.

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