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Conference Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Equipment Rental

Parklane Africa provides simultaneous interpretation services to and from most languages for international events of all sizes up to 1000 delegates. We provide the same high level of service in one or multiple languages.

Simultaneous interpreting is the most advanced and complicated form of interpreting with regards to the purely technically side. It is also the most dynamic and flexible form for participants.

Our interpreters are experts in several specialist fields and selection is based on the specific requirement of each event.

Our interpreters can travel to the location required, locally or abroad, or we can arrange for professional interpreters residing in the city or country where the interpretation services are required.

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive interpreting is suited to boardroom situations or small meetings and involves interpreters waiting for a speaker to stop talking before they give the translation and vice versa.

There are two types of consecutive interpreting:

Long consecutive interpreting is the more formal type of consecutive interpreting. It includes formal lectures and prepared speeches that of at least half an hour, e.g. at the UN.

Short consecutive interpreting involves a few sentences at a time. The situation is often less formal and does not generally involve prepared speeches.

Court interpreting Our specialized interpreters, hand-picked depending on the nature of the court-cases, provide reliable court interpreting to most embassies and international agencies in Kenya and around the region.

Liaison Interpretation Services

A special type of consecutive interpreting. Here the interpreter facilitates a conversation between two people, e.g. a doctor and patient, or a tourist and government official.

Our Team will:

Select suitably qualified and experienced interpreters and equipment technicians, distribute conference documentation, pre-conference research and book flights and accommodation for the team, both for local and international assignments.

With this wide range of services and service-mindedness, Parklane Africa remains the preferred one-stop shop for conference interpretation services in Kenya and the Africa region.

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