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Interpretation Booths

The fully encapsulated booths are ISO compliant soundproof interpretation booths. These are excellent for situations where sound bleed in close quarters is a concern. Each booth allows two interpreters to sit and work comfortably for optimum monitoring and interpreting.

Allows interpreters to speak clearly in a ‘sound proof’ room. We have full size interpreter booth as well as table top models available for rental. Park lane Africa offers interpretation booths developed to meet the client’s needs made from aluminum and acoustic material.

The advantages of interpreter booths
Interpreters can maintain the high degree of attention required for the task by working in a comfortable, professional booth.
Interpreter booths are used at events when more than two languages are spoken to prevent mutual interference between the translated languages.
The interpreters’ voice may go into the crowd if there is no acoustic boundary between them and the audience.

An interpreting booth can act as a visual display featured in the event coverage for organizers wishing to emphasize the multi-cultural or multinational aspect.

Tabletop Booths

Our tabletop booths were created to provide a sound reduction booth that is portable, lightweight and cost effective. Each tabletop booth sits nicely on a standard 6’ banquet table. Although the tabletop booths do not eliminate sound, they do dramatically reduce the sound emitted and provide a nice clear sound for the attendees