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Event Security

Event Security

Parklane Africa is an expert in Corporate events management, through our vast experience in dealing with executives and V.I.P’s, we are able to offer services of arranging for event security, close protection and safety officers for any event, function, or environment. We supply event security services which include Event risk management and, VIP meet and greet at the airport and armored security for our clients.

We will also plan your transportation routes, parking areas, and entrance points for all your venues and events ensuring the safety and comfort of all your delegates. We provide armored bulletproof vehicle services for VIP convoys on request. We will be able to arrange high-speed police escorts for quick transportation for meetings, conferences and venue attendance. Although police escort is often limited to diplomats, celebrities and loyalty, we are able to arrange for high-speed convoys for clients where security and time are of the essence.

The importance of event security cannot be overstated.
It ensures that you are protected in the event of:

  • A visitor’s injury
  • Theft of property
  • Controlling the crowds
  • Guests that cause problems
  • Situations that arise unexpectedly

That is why, as part of the planning phase, you must consider your security approach.
The forms of protection you’ll require are determined by the size, scope, location, and type of event you’re hosting.

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Parklane Africa is a Corporate Events Management Company whose personalized services give you exactly what you want – tailor made events that bring your guests closer to you and help create lasting relationships.