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simultaneous interpretation-equipment rental at parklane africa

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

Africa’s leading supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment and Rental Services. Rent some of the newest interpreter equipment and conference microphones. We have expertise in many types of interpreting, including conference, legal, medical, business, simultaneous, and interpreting for foreign travellers in Kenya. Our equipment rental solutions are some of the best in the country.
Parklane Africa’s mission is to ensure we offer a professional customer experience. We provide the best Interpretation equipment for your conferences and corporate events. Audi pack booths and industry competent staff, trained and well experienced. We aim to provide quality solutions for your corporate events. We use the latest interpretation equipment and continually invest in new systems and technologies.
As highly trained subject matter experts with superior language and interpreting skills, our experienced, certified interpreters will integrate seamlessly into your next conference, business meeting or any other professional environment or event.And for assignments requiring simultaneous interpreting, Parklane Africa can also provide all the necessary interpreting equipment, including interpreter microphones and speaking devices, wireless headsets for delegates, and sound-reduction stands, if required.

The 4th joint review of the Education Sector in Puntland 2017

New, High-Quality Interpreting Equipment

Our interpreting equipment is available for rental. Most our interpreting equipment was purchased in 2015 and 2016. The equipment is easy to use, and instructions are included. For smaller groups, the equipment is already set up and ready to use for your interpreting assignment. For more complex conference interpreting assignments, we also provide set-up services. Compare our equipment to that of other providers; we have some of the latest technology and a proven track record of success.
We want your interpretation equipment experience to be the best and will guide you through the options available and advise you on the most qualified interpreters to fit your requirement. We will plan every aspect of your event with attention to detail and execute it flawlessly, informing you of the progress every step of the way.