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Parklane Africa provides for a Digital Discussion Systems to be used at meetings, where a number of people are addressing the ‘Floor’ in a structured manor. Audio from the discussion units can be heard in the built-in loudspeakers.

The system also allows simultaneous interpretation for international conferences where multiple languages are used.

To enable all participants to understand the proceedings, interpreters can simultaneously translate the speaker’s language, as required. These interpretations are distributed through the connected discussion units. Delegates can select the language of their choice and listen to it through headphones.

digital discussion systems at parklane africa

Some of the features that it supports include:

  • Push to talk digital discussion system.
  • Automatic test circulatory connection, audio data and intelligent error report and recovery
  • Navigation keyboard on central control unit panel controls all functions
  • Each control unit can connect upto 120 contribution units
  • Automatic test circuitry connection, audio data, and intelligent error, report and recovery
  • 4 operating modules: Limited, FIFO, apply to speak and voice activated