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CSR and Sustainability

Looking for the right CSR and Sustainability strategies for your event?

Whether it is to drive people to switch brand, improve health or become a volunteer we can create the right strategy for you.

CSR and Sustainability refers to a broad approach to organizational management that focuses on generating and maximizing long-term economic, social, and environmental value.
It is a response to the modern-day issues that organizations in both the public and private sectors face.

We help commercial and public firms shift from profit-driven businesses to organizations that actively manage their economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Our awards management services include

Improve Business Practices

Winning Business

Reputation Management including defending and enhancing the brand

Engaging existing or new stakeholders

Brand differentiation

All of this means more and more brands want to get better at what they are doing and how they are doing it – and of course this means getting better at how they communicate it.

Organisations want people to feel good about their brand, campaign or initiative. They want people to feel good about working for them and with them, feel good about buying from them, and feel good about investing in them.

Parklane Africa ltd team has significant experience working with brands, SMEs, government and NGOs to do just this.

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