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Product Launches

Product launches are events that announce the arrival of new product or service to the market.
This is the most vital product of a product’s lifecycle, especially in terms of promotion and market awareness. It provides a great opportunity to show case the aspects of a service or a product and to raise the profile of the company.
Parklane Africa will handle all aspects of a product from publicity, actual launch and post launch evaluation.

You should consider a product launch activation for:

    • The introduction of an entirely new product/service
    • A new release of an existing product
    • New features of an existing product/service
    • The introduction of an existing product/service to a new market

A product launch will likely include various types of promotional activities like advertisements, social media activations/campaigns, media announcements, clients and employee events, public engagements.
It may also require personnel training, documentation, additional stock, special venues, and a considerable organizational effort, so you need to plan carefully to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
To ensure that you get maximum exposure for your launch, you need to combine it with other aspects of your promotional campaign, for example: media announcements, advertising, fliers, etc.
A product launch can be anything from a large media and stakeholder event, to a small advertising run.
For example, if you are launching a new brand of a car, the product launch is likely to involve an event to which key dealers and media are invited, where information about the vehicle is provided and the vehicle unveiled. This could be supported by media announcements directed at car magazines and the ‘Drive’ sections of newspapers, as well as by extensive television and magazine advertising.
Alternatively, the launch of a new detergent may consist of bill boards, advertising, in store activations and sampling and general publicity. We will customize every product launch to reach the target audience in the most creative and effective way. A successful product launch requires an appropriate theme, message, suitable venue and powerful content to resonate with your target audience whether it is for a trade, media or public delivery.

We work with our clients from brief to the live event to ensure clear positioning and messaging, established launch goals, an ability to leverage the event and best timing for an integrated approach to maximize sales and positive return on your investment.
Parklane Africa will look after every event detail from creative design and invitations to budgeting, venues, catering, staffing, entertainment, audio and visual technical requirements,
production design and comprehensive and detailed post event debriefing.
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